Who we are

We are a young and dynamic company whose main activity is the operation of e-shop luxury consumer goods in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We make use of our longstanding contacts abroad and bring more and more new products not only to existing e-shops, but also bring out new e-shops profiled in specific market segments and customers.

 Each e-shop is supervised by manager who is able to professionally advise and most of the field is his hobby, so he advise you not only from a professional standpoint, but also can advise you from his personal experience.

 Goods on our e-shops is offered by authorised dealers either in Czech Republic or the EU, including Certifiace of origin, especially well known brands.

 Every customer who purchases at any of our e-shop gets a 5% discount on additional purchases at any of our e-shop  as well as newly established e-shops.

 Since we also have experience with shopping in a foreign e-shops, where we did not receive good service or the information from e-shop expected, so we threw to show not only your customers, it is going and more importantly, it works and the customer will appreciate it.

 Therefore, if would not like anything on our shops or you are not satisfied with manager´s behaviour, please contact us, we would really appreciate you to improve "your online world of shopping"  for either your comments or suggestions - info @ internet -trade.cz

 Our motto is "your online world of shopping“, so we'll be happy when our shops will become your world, and repair services that elsewhere are getting in our standard.

 Portfolio of products that can be found in our e-shop:

 · Designer clothes

 · Sportswear

 · Underwear and swimwear

 · Branded Watches

 · Luxury Jewelry

 · Golf clothing, golf clubs and accessories

 · Golf bags, backpacks and accessories

 · Children's designer clothes

Our new business is offering promotional items, and especially USB flash drives, which was created a special web / e-shop - www.USBcka.cz

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Internet Trade s.r.o - Czech Rep.

Address: Horova 18, Brno 616 00
Account no.:
197978722/0600 (GE Money)

Hotline: +420 773 334 335
hotline language: Czech, English

+420 773 36 37 38
hotline language: Czech, English, Slovak

E-mail: info@internet-trade.cz

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Internet Trade, s.r.o - Slovakia

Address: SNP 208, Tekovské Lužany, 935 41
Account no.:  2100054021/8330 (FIO)

Hotline: +420 948 046 998
hotline language: Slovak, Hungary

E-mail: info@internet-trade.sk

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