Since we are moving in the big world of brands, a large number of producers are therefore we are unable to buy and publish all the goods, so it is only a fraction of our capabilities. We have a strategic EU countries and several U.S. contractors, therefore, always respond to the demands of your party and therefore there is no limit to the supply of your required goods. On all goods we guarantee 100% security and authenticity of all partners as we take a contractual relationship (trade agreement). At the same time we are not against any commercial offers. We will be happy to expand the base of our long-term wholesale partners.

Cooperate with professionals - we are offering the possibility of direct cooperation with our company and full support in implementing own e-shop or whether the lingerie and branded clothing. Do not waste your time looking for strategic partners in foreign countries and do not take on the risk of loss of finance. Items that you can buy from us is bought by us only from certified suppliers and manufacturers of various brands. This in essence prevents us deliver the goods in poor quality goods, or unoriginal.

Goods that can be found in our online stores are from the same suppliers who supply products to traditional stores, not only in Czech Republic but in the entire European Union. As a guarantee of product quality may also serve a reference to our partners in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovak Republic. We supply our products to a huge number of stores in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

If you are interested in cooperation we would like to become your strategic partner. Demand is always processed by the current market situation. There is no obstacle to our society, if the client has specific requirements and ideas. If you are one of those who would like to cooperate with us, please send us your inquiry / offer:

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